Best Powerful Shilajit Brand In USA for Men & Women

Best Powerful Shilajit Brand In USA for Men & Women

Intelligence & Memory Power Enhancer,Immune and Joint Support, Adaptogen: Purblack Live Shilajit Resin With True Gold Content

Purblack Live Shilajit Resin:

Start experiencing vitality with Purblack Live Shilajit resin, a 30-gram powerhouse designed to elevate well-being.Let’s unravel the extraordinary benefits encapsulated in this true metallic bioavailable gold.

True Metallic Gold:

With a bioavailable gold content of 555 ppm, Purblack’s Shilajit Resin is a true metallic gold in colloidal and coated form, ensuring optimal absorption for maximum benefits.Purbalack enhances intelligence,wisdom and memory power.It’s good for vision and emaciation.It may bring clarity and stability of your voice.It may helps ,boosts cognitive abilities,amplify the potential  for superior performance.

Cellular Regeneration:

Experience the marvel of cellular regeneration as Purblack promotes the renewal of cells, maintaining the vitality of newer and older cells alike.

Immune and Joint Support:

Immerse yourself in immune and joint support, a testament to Purblack’s commitment to healthy aging and overall well-being.

Rejuvenate Adaptogen:

As a rejuvenating adaptogen, Purblack’s Shilajit Resin builds healthy bones and joints, containing a rich profile of 80 minerals, ashless humic substance, fulvic acid, and amino acids.

Shilajit May Boost Testosterone For Healthy Men:

Sex drive decreases due to low level of testosterones. Hair and muscles loss may also start. By consuming  standardized Shilajit extract rich in fulvic acid on regular basis ,free and total  testosterone levels can be increased. The quality of sperms can also be improved.

Latest Patented Technology:

Purblack adopts the latest patented technology for processing, ensuring the highest quality and purity in each drop.Shilajit processed under controlled and low temperature. Raw Shilajit is collected from high mountains of different regins of world.Powerful .

Purblack  Shilajit is produced  by using raw shilajit which contains Glycine between 1% to 50 % , an non essential amino acid .

Dosage by Body Weight: Tailored Wellness for All

Dosage Range: 50-1000 mg ,depends on body weight

Integrate Purblack’s Shilajit Resin into your routine by body weight, blending seamlessly with lukewarm water, milk, juice, or tea.

Women’s Well-being: Shilajit Health Benefits from Menstruation to Menopause

Iron-Rich Support:

Shilajit, rich in bioavailable iron, serves as a natural supplement to replenish iron stores, combating fatigue and supporting optimal energy levels during menstruation.

Hormonal Balance:

Due to Adaptogenic properties, shilajit helps maintain the hormonal equilibrium ,to reduce chemical, physical and biological stress.It potentially alleviate common menstrual discomforts and may promote a painless cycle.

Nutrient Absorption:

The presence of Fulvic acid enhances nutrient absorption, ensuring that the body efficiently utilizes vital minerals, including iron, crucial during the menstrual phase.

Calcium for Bone Health:

The calcium content in Shilajit contributes to maintain bone health during pregnancy.During pregnancy, calcium is very important for both mother and child, calcium in Shilajit is, in it’s ionic form, due to which it gets absorbed quickly in the body.

It may lowers the hypertensive risks,and also could reduces the chance of osteoporosis later in life cycle.

General Well-being:

Shilajit’s array of minerals, including calcium,magnesium and iron, supports overall well-being during the demanding phases of pregnancy , addressing nutritional needs.

Menopausal Transition: Easing the Journey

Hormonal Support:

Shilajit’s adaptogenic properties may offer support during the menopausal transition by helping balance fluctuating hormone levels, potentially alleviating symptoms like mood swings and hot flashes.Shilajit supplementation  may led to notable alterations in estrogen and progesterone hormones.Fulvic acid , present in the shilajit may contributes to hormonal balance.

Bone Health Maintenance:

Calcium becomes even more crucial during menopause to mitigate bone density loss. Calcium content in shilajit contributes to maintaining skeletal integrity.

Iron for Vitality:

Iron remains essential during menopause, and iron-rich composition of shilajit supports sustained vitality and energy levels.Shilajit may enhance the absorption of iron.Fulvic acid can form soluble complexes with iron, potentially improves its bioavailability.Significant increase in hemoglobin levels can be observed.

Nutrient Absorption:

The presence of Fulvic acid enhances nutrient absorption, ensuring that the body efficiently utilizes vital minerals, including iron, crucial during the menstrual phase.The ability to improve iron absorption,enhance micronutrients   bioavailability , and contribute to cellular nutrition  allign’s with Shilajit capability which may support women’s health during mensuration.

Cellular Regeneration In Body :

The Fulvic acid aids in cellular regeneration, potentially promoting healthy aging and supporting the body’s natural processes.

Pros and Cons: A Balanced Evaluation


  • True Metallic Gold Content
  • Latest Patented Technology Used In Processing
  • Tailored Dosage by Body Weight
  • -5 th Generation Resin
  • -Antioxidant Properties


  • Limited Quantity (30-gram pack)
  • Fulvic Acid Content Not Mentioned On Label
  • We Have Not Found, Heavy Metals Information
  • Third Party Testing Report, Not Found


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